Oaklands Catholic School

These photos are the courtesy of Kendall Kingscott and Fotohaus.

Following the successful CIF bid and allocation of Government funding, Oaklands Catholic School in Hampshire appointed LST to refurbish N block, one of its main teaching blocks.

The building was dated and in need of improvement to its facilities and learning environment to upgrade it to a high quality teaching space and to improve the educational experience for all of the students.

LST’s scope of works comprised the remodelling of toilet facilities for students and staff as well as providing new changing areas, a dedicated space for pupils’ lockers, and rearranging office space.

All heating and lighting systems were also upgraded, including replacing life-expired windows with thermally efficient, high-performance units which reduce heat loss. Improvements were made to the internal environmental conditions by removing the potential for condensation, mould growth, draughts and water ingress.

The school was operational throughout the five-month project, so LST had to adhere to strict health and safety requirements, including arranging deliveries of site materials during off-peak school traffic times.

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