Hartley Library, University of Southampton

These photos are the courtesy of Kendall Kingscott and Fotohaus.

LST were appointed to complete the refurbishment of the Hartley Library, which involved the strip out and refurbishment of the existing Level 3 space, including new floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, AV installation, new lighting and modifications to the power & data installation.

It was a 3-month completion window for the refurbishment, the library was a working library and couldn’t be shut down during the renovations. The noise levels had to be considered constantly during this project. Although the project was working to a tight deadline, we completed on time in preparation for the university to move everything back in for the new schools term.

“LST would communicate with the library staff to establish which were the quieter times of the day with regards to students using the library, to enable them to carry on with the work needed. This allowed the library enough time to give notice to students that there may be some disruption. Their communication was constant.”
Lead Architect at Kendall Kingscott

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