Bournemouth Road Office Building

This £1m project saw LST construct a new two-storey 2,475 sq ft office building on a highly constrained site in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Located in Bournemouth Road, the property was built on behalf of landlord, Pricketts Ltd, and designed by SC Architecture.

The land had previously been used as a petrol station, so prior to commencing work, research was carried out by LST to avoid the risk of disturbing petrol tanks and to check for contamination records.

The construction of the office building presented a number of challenges. Not only did the site have a very small footprint, but it was situated within close proximity to a neighbouring property as well as a live commercial premises, which required access for staff and customers to be maintained throughout the works.  

Traditional foundations, which were in the original architectural design, may have disturbed the adjacent building, so piled foundations were used instead. This meant that specialist plant and equipment had to be mobilised and demobilised, and the construction of ground beams accommodated into the programme.  A party wall agreement was also used.

Furthermore, the construction area had to be kept clear of waste and surplus materials at all times. This was achieved through stringent planning and ensuring deliveries were scheduled only when required.

The project was completed on time within nine months.

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